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Exhibition Opening PËRPARA on 24/01/2023 at 19.00

Opening of the exhibition PËRPARA on 24 January 2023 at 19.00 at Galeria 17 The exhibition is based on forumZFD – Kosovo‘s research on space, sound and memory within the framework of the Landscapes of Repair project and is been realized in cooperation with Shtatëmbëdhjetë PËRPARA 24/01 – 24/03/2023 There is an interesting ambiguity in Albanian culture which affects the way in which the physical and temporal […]

The Fulfilment of a Dream through activism and call for peace

INTERVIEW WITH EDITA TAHIRI In this interview Dafina Lata talks to Edita Tahiri, who was part of delegation at the Peace Conference in Rambouillet and Chief Negotiator of the normalization dialogue with Serbia in Brussels from 2011 to 2017. Ms. Tahiri, we will first speak about times in the ‘90s. How do you recall that time? Tahiri: The 1990s were a […]

Reporting in the Macedonian and Albanian Language Media about Kumanova Case

Although 20 years have passed since the armed interethnic conflict between the Macedonians and the Albanians in North Macedonia, the end of which is deemed to be the moment when interethnic relations started to relax through the Ohrid Agreement, the tensions have not entirely cooled down. The interethnic divide emerges from time to time. In this article, we will analyse […]

DwP Column

DwP Column is a new media product of online platform about dealing with the past DwP Column is regional online platform for constructive reflection on the topics related to dealing with the past for the purpose of strengthening constructive and open approach on the regional level. By using Column tool we want to promote constructive online discourse related to current topics in the field of dealing with the past.

Vahida Maglajlić Street in Banja Luka

For the past two years and two months activists have been fighting to name a street in Banja Luka, a town known as the “city of women,” after an exceptional woman – Vahida Maglajlić. This fight has lasted longer than the wartime journey of this partisan, adorned with the Order of the People’s Hero of Yugoslavia. And it seems it […]


It has now been thirty years since February 5th was marked on Sarajevo’s memory map simply and undeniably as – Markale. Situated in the city center, the green market got its name from the nearby marketplace built during the Austro-Hungarian period (Markt halle). On February 5, 1994, it became the site of an unprecedented massacre. That day 68 residents of […]

Maglaj, Truth and Propaganda

“All this happening after the war is what is the hardest thing for me. Why do we, ordinary people who are not in politics, hate each other (Not everyone!) so much? Why are they not being convinced that we should hate those who made us hate each other, to kill each other? (…) They [the politicians] agreed well on how […]

Balkan Perspectives

Balkan.Perspectives is a regional magazine focused on dealing with the past (DwP) in the western Balkans. Produced by forumZFD in four (4) languages, this is a collaborative effort between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia. The magazine provides a platform for local actors to support conflict-sensitive discourse on issues related to the recent past. By offering a plurality of perspectives on DwP topics from across the region, the magazine aims to challenge stereotypes and ethno-centric narratives, encourage critical thinking and wider debate, and strengthen constructive approaches to dealing with the recent past.


The Balkan Perspectives podcast is forumZFD’s audio format on Dealing with the Past and Peace Education in the Western Balkans. The podcast is produced in four languages (Albanian, BHCS, Macedonian and English) by the forumZFD offices in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia.