Overcoming the prejudices of the past through TV, theatre and music

Different media for conveying messages, such as television, theatre and music play an important role in raising pluralism and tolerance, while also overcoming stereotypes and ethnocentric narratives in popular culture. The artistic and cultural offer can create connections between people, expose prejudices from the past, founding values ​​that are then transferred from the local communities to the […]

Prejudices on the Balkans about sexual diversity in a wider context through examples (first and foremost) from Macedonian cinematography

Often times when you want to talk about something, and for some reason you are uncomfortable, it seems that the easiest thing to do is to distance yourself from the problem, to present it as someone else’s and to talk about it from a “safe” distance. In ordinary conversation with close people, it is most often represented[…]

фото: Симона Младеновска

The Perspective in The Past

If you live in the Balkans, on a few occasions if you are lucky, and on many, if you are not that much, you become aware that in this part of the world, people have very peculiar views on the concept of respect towards women. Where I pinpoint that peculiarity would be that concept seems to be[…]