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Kosovo’s Socio-Economic and Political Metamorphosis: 25 Years Post-War

Since the end of the war in 1999, Kosovo has undergone a profound transition. Emerging from the damages of war and ethnic cleansing, the country embarked on a path toward reconstruction, state-building, and ultimately, independence. However, the declaration of independence marked the beginning of a new set of challenges as the newly independent country faced major internal and external issues. […]

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Naum Trajanovski

Studying the memory of the 2001 armed conflict in Macedonia II

The research unveiled several recurring patterns pertaining to the commemorative activities related to the 2001 conflict in Macedonia. The dominant patterns included the commemorations of the state security forces, the commemorations of the insurgents, the anniversaries of the OFA, and the commemorations of civil victims in the state. In this text, I will focus on the second one, providing its […]

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The right to one’s own language: Challenges in Bosnia and Herzegovina and what can be a solution?  

Is language a thread that binds people or a stumbling stone? When it comes to the role of language, this is a dilemma faced by the post-conflict Bosnian society. Language is frequently a contentious matter, subject to court proceedings and reason for citizens’ protests. The fact that SNSD members voted against the conclusion of SDP on the introduction of constitutional […]

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