Peace with Women’s Face

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How do we remember traumatic experiences? How do we interpret what happened to us? What happens when all the traumas result from a great evil such as a war? We remember dates, names of streets, sculptures, graveyards, monuments and buildings, marked and unmarked places of suffering through cultural […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Zvornik municipality, where she still lives. She survived the detention camp,  sexual  harassment,  being  a  refugee.  Together  with  her  husband,  a  disabled  war  veteran,  she  reconstructed  their  house,  which  had  been  burned  to  […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić A lawyer and women’s rights activist from Bijeljina. She is the programme director of the citizen’s association for the education of Roma “Otaharin”. Bojana Jovanović was born in Zenica. Her growing up in a harmonious family was interrupted by […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić A women’s rights activist, the founder of the organisation “Žena BiH” and of a safe house for women and children victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in Mostar. She is one of seven women candidates in Bosnia and […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Livno.  Danka is a women’s rights activist. She lives and works in Bosansko Grahovo. Danka was the youngest of six children of a typical Catholic family. When the war started in 1992, was finishing […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Novi Travnik. A civic rights and peace activist, she is best known for her engagement in the field of women’s rights and association of women. She is the founder of the women’s association “Most” in […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Kotor Varoš municipality, Večići village. She survived the war, years as a refugee, the death of her children and serious family and life troubles. She lives in Banja Luka and demonstrates how one can fight […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born on the territory of Srebrenica municipality. Today, she lives and works in Tuzla.  She survived conflict-related sexual violence,  years  as  a  refugee  and  domestic  violence. She got educated, found a job and became an […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Tuzla. She is one of the best-known trade union activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who fought together with other workers in order for the factory “Dita”, where she worked, not to be shut down. Emina […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She is a women’s rights activist and politician from Modriča. She is one of the rare women who established and led a political party and managed to become an MP after 22 years. She is a founder of a […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Nova Kasaba. She spent the war in Srebrenica and Lukavac. She is a returnee, a peace activist and entrepreneur in agriculture and poultry farming in Konjević Polje. One of the fights that Ifeta won was […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić A human rights activist fighting for a better position of Roma and other women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the founder of the Roma women association “Bolja budućnost” from Tuzla and a member of the Roma Council. Indira was born […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Vakuf. Today, she is retired. She used to work as a Bosnian language and literature teacher at a high school in Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje. She is a peace activist. Jasminka grew up […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Priboj near Lopare. Today, she lives in Bijeljina. She is a peace activist and was also active as a leader in preventing women trafficking in the period from 1999 to 2010. Mara Radovanović […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Gradiška municipality. She works at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Banja Luka as an associate professor of philosophy. She is a philosopher and feminist. Milena remembers her childhood and growing […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Bratunac. She has been a member of the association “Žene Srebrenice” since 1996, and an active member of the women’s peace group “Žene u crnom” since 2003. She is a peace activist. Before […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Kozaruša, Prijedor municipality. Seida is a peace activist and chairwoman of the Prijedor women’s association “Izvor”, which gathers information about the missing persons, provides support to victims and witnesses of war crimes and […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She lives and works in Bijeljina. She is the chairwoman of the Association of the Families of the Missing from Semberija and Majevica. Smilja Mitrović was born in Korenita, a village on the slopes of Majevica mountain. […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born in Vitinica near Zvornik. She is the chairwoman of the association “Anima” and a peace activist. Suvada graduated from the secondary school of economics in her hometown. She spent the first ten years of […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She lives in Mostar. She has been the editor of the portal Tač for ten years. She is a photographer by profession. Štefica was born into a Catholic family in Mali Ograđenik (Čitluk municipality). Her growing up […]


Photo: Sanja Vrzić She was born, went to school and grew up in Sarajevo. She works as a lawyer at the Foundation CURE. She is a well-known peace and women’s rights activist. She spent her early childhood in the war, […]


ORGANISERS OF THE EXHIBITION The women’s initiative for facing the past “Peace with Women’s Face” includes the foundation “Lara” Bijeljina, association “HO Hori-zonti” Tuzla, foundation “Udružene žene” Banja Luka, Centre for Legal Aid for Women, Zenica, Helsinki Parliament of Citizens of Banja Luka, “Žena BiH” […]