Artik and Asti

„Девочка, танцуй, всё пройдёт так скоро“ – so many times was that song played in a single night that I already knew it by heart. By the way, the song in question is the ultimate dance hit by Artik and Asti – names that firmly held a serious position in the musical selection of every Ukrainian club […]

Separate histories in Kosovo and Serbia textbooks

Afërdita Lukaj You cannot find much about the 1998-99 war in Kosovo in the history textbooks of primary and secondary schools in Serbia. What those texts contain are even more crimes allegedly committed by Albanians. The primary school textbooks, grades 5 to 12, in Kosovo also present even more only the crimes committed by Serbian forces. Searches in internet[…]

Heritage under the kingdom of post-war concreting

Xheneta Murtezaj Restorations without criteria have followed the buildings of special importance in Kosovo, which have suffered from destruction and damage during the war in Kosovo and from the carelessness that has prevailed in the post-war reconstruction chaos. The data of the Ministry of Culture of Kosovo show that there are 1,025 monuments of construction heritage including[…]

Specialist Court, victims’ last hope for justice

The spring of 1998 was terrible for I.B.’s family from Kosovo. 23 years from the disappearance of the family head, the hope of family members for justice is disappearing little by little every day. Nevertheless, they do have a ray of hope in the Specialist Court. Besian Beha I.N. has just registered in the program of Victims’[…]

New Publication: “Holocaust & Peace”

Our partners of the regional project Alliances for Peace Education, namely EIHR, PCRC and forumZFD BiH are honored to present the publication of the pedagogical Manual ” Holocaust & Peace”- Lessons from the past for the future: a practical guide for educators. The Manual developed by fifteen authors includes 11 Lesson plans/workshops divided in 4 Modules teaching about and[…]

A Norman in Sarajevo

Autor: Klajdi Ballanca, objavljeno na A brief summary of my experience as a participant of SFF’s In Youth Eyes Project Where to start????? I find myself in a strange place, on one hand, I have paragraph after paragraph that begs to be written, and on the other, I feel that all words, in all languages would[…]