How to Read Bogdan Bogdanović Today

In the framework of the festival “Mirëdita – Dobar dan”, which is held in honour of the actor Bekim Fehmiu, with the purpose of promoting the coexistence and tolerance between Serbs and Albanians, a summary of excerpts from the interviews of the architect, urbanist, urbanologist, idealist, Professor Bogdan Bogdanović, selected and prepared for publication by Shkëlzen Gashi, […]

The Other Serbia

“The Other Serbia” project, implemented by ADMOVERE with the financial support of KFOS, has compiled a collection of the attitudes of Serbian intellectuals who opposed the drastic violations of human rights of the Albanians in Kosovo by the Serb authorities, from the abolition of Kosovo’s autonomy by Serbia on 23 March 1989 to NATO’s entry on 12[…]

What is the Serbian world to us

Photo: Media Center Belgrade It seems obvious that the official – and it is official because it’s promoted by local officials – story about the Serbian world is entirely constructed based on the analogy with the story of the Russian world. Which would mean – if we wanted to understand the idea of the Serbian world, we[…]

The City that Defeated Ratko Mladić

“Everything older than ten and younger than seventy-five will die in Šibenik. And we will not leave a single house standing…”, said the high-ranking officer of the Yugoslav People’s Army at the time, and now a convict serving time for war crimes, Ratko Mladić. It was exactly thirty years ago, in early fall of 1991, not half[…]

Operation Storm: A New Phase in Dealing with the Past

Photo: YIHR In Croatia there are now two dominant political approaches to confronting Operation Storm and its consequences which took place in August 1995, led by two of the highest state institutions – the Government and the President. Through coordinated public appearances, the government, led by HDZ and the minority partner, the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS),[…]

How does one admit to committing genocide?

Photo: Private archive  A potential law prohibiting the denial of genocide and other war crimes, which will not be a result of a national catharsis, will help the involved communities to heal to a certain extent, although from the perspective of the long path towards the future, it will not suffice to build a good and fair[…]

With a Little Help from Humanity

Photo: Personal archive The first time I came face to face with what happened in this enclave in the summer of 1995 was five years after the fall of Srebrenica. It was when I heard the testimony of the protected witness DD during the first Srebrenica trial at the Hague Tribunal. And even if that testimony had[…]