Exhibition “Data: Mars” – Protests and Women’s Activism in Kosovo

Feminist activism has a long history of erasure and marginalization. The historical amnesia surrounding women’s movements renders any attempt of unearthing their genealogies and experiences an act of intervention in itself. Grounding women’s movements, however, calls for tackling the complexities and the historical context in which these movements emerged. Academic and artistic endeavours in mapping women’s movements […]

Women’s Protests in the 1990s in Kosovo: The Story of Igo Rogova

For several years, Albanians faced continuous occupation and violation of the rights to work, freedom of language, gathering, music, and moving. However, this became worse under the oppressive policies of Milošević’s regime. In 1998, the situation went from bad to worse. The Serbian police and armed forces started massacring civilians, raping women, burning villages, and perpetrating other[…]

The Macedonian 1980s and 1990s: A Peace-Oasis?

Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences To better understand the developments in Macedonia on the eve of and during the Yugoslav wars, the reader will benefit from a brief overview of the Macedonian 1980s and, pretty ahistorically, the subsequent decade or the 1990s. Starting from the latter one and the critical turning point of[…]