Filjana Koka: Emotions Remain in the Conflict Field, We Follow the Profession’s Call for Ethical and Professional Reporting

Journalists bear a huge social responsibility. In addition to reporting, they also contribute to “establishing the permanent peace.” Therefore, whatever they feel in the area of the conflict, they should “leave it” aside, and refer exclusively to the call of the profession for ethical and professional reporting, both during the conflict and after it ends. This is[…]


Prizren is usually referred to as the “museum-city” or the city of fountains and beauties. Prizren is the richest city in monuments of culture in Kosovo. More than 65 various objects are under state protection. Various nationalities live in the city. Through their work, they are building an environment of good neighbourly relations, mutual respect, and a[…]

Quick-Fix: The Pandora Box of Populism / Fail for Use of the Enabling Environments for CSOs in Quality Policy-making

On 2 November 2022, the Parliament of North Macedonia in Skopje adopted through an urgent procedure the amendments to the Law on Associations and Foundations (LAF) proposed by the opposition. This kind of synergy between the ruling party and the opposition is rarely seen. This would have been a shining example of putting the public interest on[…]


“Classical music eases tensions and political disagreements,” says Sihana Badiviku, a violinist. Her professional and personal life runs between Kosovo and North Macedonia. With her concerts, she breaks the Balkan borders by performing all around Europe. Since 1999, as the Founder and Artistic Director of “Kosova Kamerfest” her work has brought artists from post-conflict countries to perform[…]

Memories of Sarajevo

Already some time ago, I had the oppotrunity to stay in Sarajevo for a week as a part of the Western Balkans Youth Team and participate in Sarajevo Film Festival’s „Dealing with the Past“ programme. When I saw the opportunity to apply I was instantly drawn in – building intercultural dialogue face to face with people from[…]


Twenty-nine years have passed since the killing of Sarajevan civilians in Kazani. The remains of somewhat more than 20 persons have been found so far. They all are victims of Mušan Topalović Caco and his colleagues from the Tenth Mountain Brigade of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mortal remains were exhumed in[…]

”The Constitution favours the status quo”

The former German Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, has held the position of the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina since August 2021. In this capacity, he supervises the compliance with the Dayton Peace Agreement that ended the war in 1995. We asked him about his opinion on the current situation in the country. Mr Schmidt, what[…]