The strength to carry on with one’s life  

The war in Ukraine has been going on for more than a month. I was listening to one of the TV programmes that continuously report on the events and I just heard that more than 3 million people fled the country. They aired an interview with two young men who are below 20 and who said that […]

Artik and Asti

„Девочка, танцуй, всё пройдёт так скоро“ – so many times was that song played in a single night that I already knew it by heart. By the way, the song in question is the ultimate dance hit by Artik and Asti – names that firmly held a serious position in the musical selection of every Ukrainian club[…]


Author: Edvin Kanka Ćudić When it comes to the fame and prosperity of Brčko, we always think of Brčko the way it was at the beginning of 2000. Those that visited the Bosnian Posavina region in that period could see a city in which persons lived better and more comfortably as compared to the rest of Bosnia[…]

The war and what comes next  

Those of us that do not remember socialism or the war itself, obtained information about that period verbally, just as in case of an epic narrative that is transferred by the elderly based on their memories, which, at the same time, constituted a romanticised past. A characteristic that marked the childhood of my generation is heavy political[…]

A flag of the same colour, the same suffering of people  

Destroyed buildings, terrified persons trying to reach the border with the neighbouring country or are trying to find alternatives to meet their basic living needs in their city under the siege – it sounds like a description of the four-year state of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, this is currently happening in Ukraine, a country that[…]