It has now been thirty years since February 5th was marked on Sarajevo’s memory map simply and undeniably as – Markale. Situated in the city center, the green market got its name from the nearby marketplace built during the Austro-Hungarian period (Markt halle). On February 5, 1994, it became the site of an unprecedented massacre. That day […]

Sarajevo’s Homage to Caca

In late September, an inscription was written on the memorial plaque in Kazani in huge red letters: Caco lives in us 10 br (the “10 br” being the acronym of the 10th Mountain Brigade of the Army of BiH, whose first commander was Mušan Topalović “Caco”). This heinous act of desecration of the already modest symbol of[…]

A Guarantee of Repetition

In June, I called both the minister and the chief of staff, and in early July, I pleaded with them. I told them that there is currently a war going on in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the territory of the Croatian state border. Therefore, everything must be done to help maintain that territory. It’s not the same[…]

30 Years

At a press conference in Zagreb on October 22, 1992, the The United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR), under the leadership of Tadeusz Mazowiecki announced that a mass grave had been discovered in the area of Ovčara near Vukovar. The tomb had been untouched prior to the arrival of members of UNPROFOR (United Nations Protection Forces),[…]

Another October 22

I don’t know how to begin. I have to write about October 22, 1992 and I don’t know how to begin. I have to write about October 22, 1992, and I don’t know how to begin, because on that day the paramilitary group Avengers, led by Milan Lukić, abducted sixteen people. They abducted one man the night[…]

The Birth of the Belgrade Circle

Notes of one of the a founders A group of Serbian historians recently began collecting documents and testimonies about the anti-war movement in Serbia in the 1990s, in which the Association of Independent Intellectuals Belgrade Circle, founded on January 25, 1992, played an important role. As one of the founders of this association and one of its[…]

Dubrovnik, a vengeful past

Every October 1, a certain ritual takes place in Montenegro. They show footage of the Montenegrin aggression against Dubrovnik, hold round table discussions, NGOs give out press releases, and after several days we forget that anything happened and go back to the usual daily grind. This year, even that ritual mentioning of one of the most tragic,[…]

Visiting a metallogenic area

The generations of students currently enrolled in elementary and high schools in Serbia have never heard of places such as: Prijedor, Trnopolje, Omarska and Keraterm. They learned about the convicted war criminal Ratko Mladić through the Progressive party’s wall newspapers, that is, murals and graffiti that are overflowing in almost every city in Serbia, mobilizing patriotic forces[…]

The Summer of 1995

It’s thirty degrees in the shade, we add it up, and that’s exactly how many days separate us from the start of the school year. Until then, we spend the days mostly wasting time on the street. This time our collective silence as we stare at our flip-flops melting into the pavement is broken by the youngest[…]