Exhibition Opening PËRPARA on 24/01/2023 at 19.00

Opening of the exhibition PËRPARA on 24 January 2023 at 19.00 at Galeria 17 The exhibition is based on forumZFD – Kosovo‘s research on space, sound and memory within the framework of the Landscapes of Repair project and is been realized in cooperation with Shtatëmbëdhjetë PËRPARA 24/01 – 24/03/2023 There is an interesting ambiguity in Albanian culture which affects the way in which the […]


“Bye, Berush. See you,” are the last words heard by Xhemajl Mustafa, a Kosovo Albanian journalist and intellectual. He spoke those words to his teenage daughter, Beriana, as he was going out of their apartment in Prishtina in noon of 23 November 2000. As the 22nd anniversary of his murder looms closer, Beriana – who followed into her[…]

Balkan.Perspectives Podcast

The Balkan Perspectives podcast is forumZFD’s audio format on Dealing with the Past and Peace Education in the Western Balkans. The podcast is produced in four languages (Albanian, BHCS, Macedonian and English) by the forumZFD offices in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia. You can subscribe to the Balkan.Perspectives Podcast on the following streaming platforms[…]

The Making of the School-House Virtual Museum: Co-Creative and Participatory Research and Virtual Reality Experience

In May 2018, the Municipality of Prishtina announced that the house which saw the graduation of ten generations of high-school students between 1992 and 1999 would become a museum. This house is one of 3000 other locations throughout Kosova– including basements, garages, rooms, and entire houses – that were transformed into schools during that time.  Known as[…]

The Museums of Kosovo: A Case Study on the Museum in Remembrance of the Berisha Family in Suhareka

The Museologcial Landscape of Kosovo During the war in Kosovo in 1998-1999 there were grave violations of the international humanitarian law among the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and the Serbian and Yugoslav police and military forces: massacres, murders, forced disappearances, rapes, arbitrary imprisonments, demolition of houses, health care centers, factories, religious buildings (churches, mosques tekkes), historical monuments,[…]

Hijacked Childhood – Interview with Dr Mimoza Shahini

This podcast is a conversation between Vjollca Islami-Hajrullahu, MA, psychologist and project manager at forumZFD Kosovo, and Dr. Mimoza Shahini, psychiatrist with focus on experiences of children during wartime. The video interview seeks to elaborate on the long-term psychological impacts of war on children, survivors and family members and the importance of confronting the past as form[…]

Archiving Gërvalla

The year 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of Jusuf Gërvalla’s death. Based on this event, the International Art Festival “Nën braza të kohës / Under the Plow of Time” commemorates for one year through various activities the diverse work of Jusuf Gërvalla under the title 82 Gërvalla 22. In Kosovo most public spaces are heavily dominated by[…]