Apply for the Summer University Srebrenica

Summer University Srebrenica is a program for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as researchers to conduct research projects on topics related to Genocide, Transitional Justice, Post-Conflict Studies, and Human Rights. Through dialogue, research, and first-hand experience with the aftermath of Genocide and the obstacles in terms of Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding, the Summer University Srebrenica aims at understanding how such a terrible event was able to occur, discussing strategies for dealing with the post-conflict phase, and how to prevent another such atrocity from occurring in any part of the world.
Sounds interesting? This is your chance to participate as well! 
PAX is currently organizing an initiative with the aim to diversify the regional participation in the program. This implies PAX sponsors the participation of 6 participants from within the region, who for example originate from Serbia, Montenegro, or Croatia. PAX covers the participation fee, and all we ask in return is for the participants to deliver a report/account (could, for example, be a written report, a vlog) of the experiences during the SUS-programme. For more information about the program, please check this link:"