The Need to Review History Teaching

There is a constant, unspoken but implied designation of history both as a science and as teaching subject that it should be subjected to a constant review. This designation turned postulate is taken for granted both by the genuine scientists and researchers, and by the teachers, as well as by the democratic societies and states in general.[…]

No Country for Old Men

Fourteen years after the adoption of the 2006 Rehabilitation Act, it is still a struggle to find a competent court in Serbia that has not been passing rulings as per the said Act.[1] However, the special focus of this article is on the work of the District Court in Šabac. First of all, the District Court in Šabac[…]

Historical Revisionism as a Platform for Nationalism and an Obstacle to Lasting Peace in the Western Balkans

Intellectual elites were a key factor in constituting the national awareness and the ideology of political nationalism in the 19th century Europe. There is plenty of evidence about the principal role that intellectuals, primarily historians, have played both in generating and disseminating nationalist ideologies and doctrines of ‘young’ European nations. They were assigned with the noble task to create, establish,[…]