Balkan.Perspectives #15

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The ICTY Conditionality and North Macedonia’s Compliance with It

As Europe established regional organizations to enforce standards of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, the expectations were that mass atrocities akin to those that happened in WWII would not be repeated on the European continent. Yet, 40 years after WWII, Europe was again struck by the mass violence, this time in the former Yugoslavia. Europe was unprepared […]

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Amending History Textbooks is a Precondition to Normalize Relations

This article aims to bring to the spotlight the approach of textbooks for elementary and secondary schools in both Kosovo and Serbia, as approved by the respective ministries of education, on the developments in Kosovo along the timeframe of almost one century (1912-2000). The purpose is to compare descriptions provided in these historiography writings, to unfold the similarities and differences. […]

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Historical Revisionism as a Platform for Nationalism and an Obstacle to Lasting Peace in the Western Balkans

Intellectual elites were a key factor in constituting the national awareness and the ideology of political nationalism in the 19th century Europe. There is plenty of evidence about the principal role that intellectuals, primarily historians, have played both in generating and disseminating nationalist ideologies and doctrines of ‘young’ European nations. They were assigned with the noble task to create, establish, and solidify an […]

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