“I want to go the woods and shout “Reshaat”!”

INTERVIEW WITH: FATIME QERKINI Reshat, the youngest boy of the Qerkini family from Mitrovica, is involved in the country’s defense and begins to often miss from home during the time that the Serbian authorities intensify their terror in 1998 in the Drenica region, sometimes turning up for a short time and mostly late into night, in order to get new clothes. Reshat’s activities […]

“For twenty years neither on land nor in heaven”

INTERVIEW WITH: HALIL, SADRI & ZYLE UJKANI In April 1999, Halil and Zyle Ujkani’s two sons, Mahit and Shaip, went missing. Halili’s brother, Sadri, also lost two sons, Faton and Shkelzen. The third brother, Zahit, who has since died, also lost his son, Nazim.  The five young boys, as soon as they saw that Serbian forces are burning the surrounding villages, they left the house all together on the[…]

Interview with Nezir and Hamide Avdyli

INTERVIEW WITH: NEZIR & HAMIDE AVDYLI The parents of eight children, Nezir and Hamide Avdyli, remember the time when the war broke away from their two sons and they have never seen since. Three of their boys, Fadili (24), Fatmiri (18) and Kujtim (16-year-old), were separated from the family to join the convoy of people being deported. Kujtim together with some of his cousins managed to hide in a[…]

“His whole foot is missing”

INTERVIEW WITH: FETIJE MIRENA In the evening of 21 April 1999 in Fushë Kosova the train unloaded a group of paramilitaries who came from Serbia. They were dressed in black, armed and with masks, entered in the houses where lived different members of wide family Mirena, from whom they gather not less than sixteen men – brothers, uncles’ sons and[…]