Facts from The Hague

The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) will close its doors after 24 years, leaving behind a heritage that the countries in the region have to find a way to deal with. The Tribunal was the first international court after Nürnberg and Tokyo, which processed war crimes. During more than two decades of its work, […]

The Bosnian ideal – the lost lifestyle

How has the multi-annual, traditional lifestyle become an ideal? There are stories about past times in Bosnia that used to be better, everyone lived together in peace and respected one another, people visited one another during Eid-Al-Fitr and Christmas celebrations, people used to socialise all night long and it did not matter what name one had. The[…]

Genocide is forever

Serbia received the judgment in the case of Ratko Mladić, the greatest criminal among the criminals in the recent European history. Citizens of Serbia have received the judgment together with protagonists of genocide and war crimes currently in power, who were also most politically active during the wars and aggression of Serbia against the neighbouring countries. Their[…]

From a hero to a coward, the line was thin

Since yesterday, the stories about a war criminal are everywhere. And calling this person a war criminal is actually a mild qualification. While I was following trials for genocide, mass executions by a firing squad, rapes and other atrocities from the newsroom, I was asking myself thousands of questions. What is it like for a mother who[…]

The Hague judgments and media wars

Author: Nidžara Ahmetašević We have waited for a long time and have finally heard the conviction of Radovan Karadžić (40-year sentence) and Ratko Mladić (life sentence). A long time, too long for some, but the moment is finally here and they have been found guilty. This judgment is a sanction for atrocities designed in the minds of these[…]

Stories from the closet

I used to watch him frequently, hidden behind an old rag that I used to cover the window that no longer had glass. The father of the dead girl was swaying between the buildings. He was somehow transparent, light, as a cobweb. His face was grey, his eye sockets were abysmally dark. He stopped talking, eating, etc.[…]

And after the war, again the war

A lost childhood cannot be brought back, but what we can fix is the present and we can fight for a better future. When I travel abroad and meet new people, the first thing they ask is: – What is it now like in Bosnia and Herzegovina? The last time I did not know how to respond.[…]

A heavy inheritance

The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina happened 22 years ago, but it was followed only by the absence of arms, because the war is still here, among us, around us, and what is the worst thing, among the youth. Institutional suppression of responsibility    The overall educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina is based on showing only[…]

Right to remember: Fighting manipulations

Author: Nidžara Ahmetašević If you search the term ”Vilina Vlas” on Google, you will get schizophrenic results. In addition to official links for the rehabilitation centre Vilina Vlas in Višegrad, there is an alternating list of links promoting this tourism location and of links containing texts about the war crimes committed in this place in 1992. The[…]