My visual memory

I was a child when the war happened in Kosovo. Inside my eyes of a child, I hold three crystal-clear memories. Our window overlooked a neighborhood where Serbian forces were deporting people and were breaking the main doors of apartment buildings. There are three families huddling together inside a room where the candle is hidden under the […]


This spring marks the 18th anniversary of the NATO bombardment of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The anniversary of air strikes was commemorated during an event in Grdelička klisura, where passenger railcars were hit, as well as during a series of requiems throughout Serbia. Serbia used this anniversary, just as it used all previous ones, to[…]

Mirrors of our memories

You will not get instructions for use for a life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is not even a parental advisory label, although it would be useful. A first grader dear to my heart dispiritedly described his first day of school in Sarajevo Canton: ”They played a song for us, we stood up and put a hand[…]