Interview with Nora S. Ahmetaj on Dealing with the Past

Still after two decades, Peace in the Balkans is fragile. Topics like dealing with the past, transitional justice, the missing persons, and ongoing talks between parties for a sustainable political solution continue to bear heavily on our societies. This renders a clear perspective and projection for the future of the region impossible.

In the 12th episode of the show #Çelnaja, together with Nora S. Ahmetaj we ask difficult questions like: how to teach history to our children. This question is not an easy conversation that may take place between a parent and a child, but involves a series of institutions. Furthermore, we shall discuss about the steps of writing history, collection of facts, documentation and validation via comparative methods. In the face of transitional justice achievements and dealing with the past, together with Nora Ahmetaj we seek to answer the questions whether it is possible for the missing persons to undermine peace or reconciliation of the peoples.

• Author and moderator: Latif Mustafa

• Guest: Nora S. Ahmetaj

• Montage and realization: Alb Muhaxhiri – Albfilms

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This episode is produces within the collaboration between Sbunker and forumZFD Kosovo