„Meeting points: What are the Balkans and what could they be?

On Friday the 22nd of April 2016 forumZFD, Vreme magazine and the Open Society Foundation will host a panel discussion on the topic:

„Meeting points: What are the Balkans and what could they be?

The panel will be hosted at hotel SIRIUS (Agim Ramadani street), starting at 11 a.m. 

This panel discussion will be the second in a serial of five, jointly organized by forumZFD, “Vreme” magazine and the Open Society Foundation. The serial deals with the historic and cultural relations between the Albanian and Slavic nations in the Balkans. At the core of “Meeting point” project stands the objective to face negative cultural stereotypes in an open and constructive manner. Despite such destructive heritage, local traditions of cooperation and the interconnection of communities in the region shall be indetified. The discussion will, amongst others, focus on the questions of what kind of society Balkan nations want to live in, which common problems do they face, how can the functionality of multiethnic communities be measured and which are common denominators of all people in the Balkans?

These topis will be discussed by:

• Milena Bogavac, writer and director from Belgrade;

• Shkelzen Gashi, publicist from Pristina;

• Kim Mehmeti, novelist and publicist from Skopje;

• Zoran Ristić, theater director from Gračanica.

The panel will be hosted by Jeta Xharra, director of BIRN Kosovo and editor of the TV show “Live in Kosova”. Translation in Albanian, English and Serbian language will be provided!

For all further questions, please contact Johannes Rueger: rueger@forumzfd.de