Truth not spoken at the right time is worse than a lie

The transparency of institutions in Bitola is improving. Some even have spokespersons that hold press conferences, and most of the authorities answer reporters’ phone calls now. However, local journalists still struggle to obtain needed information quickly. As we are living in the age of electronic media, journalists should be able to obtain information quickly and, most importantly,[…]

Challenging the Truth

At the beginning of 2015, I read a story on Balkan Insight about 170 Serbs, 90 from Kosovo, who were welcoming in another New Year at Krnjača, the last remaining collective centre for refugees in Serbia’s capital. During the wars in the former Yugoslavia, many ethnic Serbs fled from their homes in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and[…]

The Serbia Case: Tabloid Journalism and Dealing with the Past

AUTHOR: DINKO GRUHONJIC Reporting on topics related to Serbia’s wartime past has decreased in Serbia in recent years, including coverage of trials for war crimes and for victims of war crimes and their families. Since the mandate of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has ended, and international pressure has weakened, serious issues relating[…]