Christian A. Nielsen: The Hague tribunal has drawn a decent historical sketch of the breakup of the former Yugoslavia

RECOM Interview: Christian Axboe Nielsen Christian Nielsen has a doctorate in history from Columbia University, and wrote his dissertation on dictatorship of King Aleksandar. He has worked as an analyst and external consultant for the Office of the Prosecutor in the Hague, and has testified at four trials. He specializes in analyzing the work of the region’s ministries […]

Sustainable Return: A Guarantee for Stability and Integration in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Source: This paper analyzes the importance of the return process and sustainable integration of returnees for reconciliation in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina. With Annex VII of General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia (Dayton Peace Agreement, or DPA), refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) were ensured they could return to their pre-war homes. One obstacle for returnee families[…]

Depth Two: Facing up to our own crimes

Source: by Vladan Petkovic, BERLIN 2016 Ognjen Glavonić is the first Serbian filmmaker to tackle the war crimes of his nation head-on in the Forum documentary Depth Two   For six years, Serbian filmmaker Ognjen Glavonić has been researching a hidden event from the war in Kosovo for a fiction feature he is trying to make. While the lack of[…]

How well do young Albanians and Serbs know each other?

Source: Conflicting perceptions of the past, troubling perspectives for the future By Teuta Hoxha It has been more than 17 years since the war in Kosovo, yet relations between Kosovo and Serbia are still fragile. Kosovo today is struggling to achieve the idea of a multiethnic society in the aspects of communication, cooperation and eventually integration between communities[…]

A positive hero for everyone? The memorialization of Srđan Aleksić in post-Yugoslav countries

Source: Contemporary Southeastern Europe, an international scholarly journal of the Centre for Southeast European Studies, the University of Graz, Austria, published article about momorialization of Srđan Aleksić, a war hero widely commemorated last years, especially in Serbia and Republika Srpska. Author of the article is Nicolas Moll, an independent researcher and lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and[…]

What Bosnians think about being divided by ethnicity?

Source: Photo: Alija Izetbegović, center, president of Bosnia and Herzegovina, looks on as Franjo Tudjman, right, president of Croatia, and Slobodan Milošević, president of Serbia, shake hands after initializing a peace accord between their countries during the Dayton Peace Accords of 1995. (John Ruthroff/AFP/Getty Images) By Gerard Toal and John O’Loughlin, Washington Post Last November and December, a[…]

Hate Speech That May Evolve into Crime

Source: Balkandiskurs By Danka Cvijić (Photo: Shutterstock) Hate speech is used less now than during the 1990s, but it is still seen most frequently in political campaigns. Thus it has to be prevented, in order for it not to evolve into crime. Toxic words quickly and easily infect entire populations. Such speech has caused some of the[…]

Silence and Denial in Višegrad

Published on Balkan Diskurs January 25, 2016 The Bosnian war ended 20 years ago, but the eastern town of Višegrad still struggles over its collective history. Local authorities wanted to demolish a house on Pionirska Street, where 70 Muslim civilians were burned alive. Protests put the decision on hold, but a permanent solution has yet to be[…]

3rd International Summer School

Learning from the past – Exploring the Role of Transitional Justice in Rebuilding Trust in a Post-conflict Society Dear Colleagues, The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is hosting its third summer school from June 20 to July 4, 2016. The summer school aims to make a contribution to the process of dealing with the past, reconciliation and[…]

“MemorInmotion”- pedagogical tool on the culture of remembrance/ Documentation and evaluation for 2015

In the period March- November 2015, after a series of 10 trainings for trainers- "MemorInmotion"- a pedagogical tool on the culture of remembrance, 124 teachers, professors and actors in organizations dealing with education for peace, were trained in the use of tools in their fields of activity. This project was initiated, created and arranged by forumZFD, in[…]

The Soul’s Remembrance – Book Promotion Event

INVITATION You are cordially invited to attend the book publishing event for The Soul’s Remembrance. The book contains stories from the past of our participants of the project Dealing with the Past in Kosovo carried out by Action for Nonviolence and Peacebuilding (ANP) and Kurve Wustrow from Germany. Be among the first to receive a copy and to see the documentary[…]

Education – cure or symptom?

Contributing authors for RECOM It is highly unlikely that critical narratives examining the past will find a fertile ground in the educational institutions of divided and isolated societies. In this respect, the textbooks are just the metaphorical tip of the iceberg. By Jana Bacevic When speaking of the processes of facing the past and reconciliation within the[…]