“not to be repeated!”: ongoing trauma for victims of bosnia-herzegovina civil war 20 years later.

Author: STEPHANIE KOEHLER {Photo: Stephanie Koehler} Source: http://www.rebellesociety.com/2015/12/02/not-to-be-repeated-ongoing-trauma-for-victims-of-bosnia-herzegovina-civil-war-20-years-later/ ‘Women across Borders’ is a global awareness campaign, shedding light onto the issue of sexual violence around the world. Photographer and executive producer, Stephanie Koehler, traveled to various Balkan states in 2015 to interview female survivors of sexual violence and experts in the field. Part of the campaign is […]

Branko Ćulibrk: It is important to initiate a discussion on “difficult” issues and not be afraid of threats

Source: Media.ba The Center for Youth Kvart from Prijedor was officially established in 2010, whereas unofficially it had existed as a youth program of the organization ”Zdravo da ste” since 2006. It is, as members of Kvart say themselves, a peace building, human rights, non-party, non-governmental and non-for-profit association of citizens based on uncompromising respect for universal human values[…]

The EU’s Policy Framework on support to transitional justice

Recom.link: http://www.recom.link/the-eus-policy-framework-on-support-to-transitional-justice/ EU adopted its policy framework on support to transitional justice at the Foreign Affairs Council on Monday, November 16. The EU is already active in supporting transitional justice through its conflict prevention, crisis response and peacebuilding, security and development activities. It is one of the largest financial contributors to transitional justice initiatives worldwide, providing financing to justice,[…]


Association for Social Research and Communications (UDIK) from Sarajevo, in cooperation with the Association of Dea Dia from Belgrade, supported by Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL), informs the public that will be held an activity on Saturday, November 21st, 2015, on the Square of Fap in Priboj. It is the central activity as a part of the project “Theatre of Peace Live”, and will be[…]

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Almost 7,000 people still missing

ICRC: https://www.icrc.org/en/document/bosnia-and-herzegovina-almost-7000-people-still-missing Sarajevo (ICRC) – Twenty years after the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is urging institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina to step up efforts to determine what happened to the nearly 7,000 people still unaccounted for from the conflict there. At the same time, the ICRC is calling[…]

Education and Transitional Justice: Opportunities and Challenges for Peacebuilding [report]

Recom.link: http://www.recom.link/education-and-transitional-justice-opportunities-and-challenges-for-peacebuilding-report/ To gain a stronger understanding of how education can help countries dealing with legacies of conflict and mass atrocities, ICTJ partnered with UNICEF on an ambitious research project examining the connections between education and transitional justice in peacebuilding contexts. After over two and a half years of work examining experiences in nine countries and covering[…]

Balkan Politicians ‘Not Taking Reconciliation Seriously’

Recom link: http://www.recom.link/balkan-politicians-not-taking-reconciliation-seriously/ Constant self-victimisation is prolonging the divisions that fuelled the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, experts warned during a discussion in Belgrade. Marija Ristic, BIRN, BelgradePoliticians are failing to properly address the issue of post-war reconciliation, experts told a panel discussion on Monday organised by a coalition of NGOs involved in campaigning[…]

4 Open University Sarajevo

Source: http://otvoreni-magazin.net/en/07/11/2015/program-4-otvoreni-univerzitet-sarajevo-program/ We are proud to present fourth edition of the Open University that will take place from 26th to 29th November in Sarajevo. More about guests and program soon on our web site, FB and Twitter. Follow us 

Bosnia’s Unending War

Published on The New Yorker, November 04, 2015 BY NIDŽARA AHMETAŠEVIĆ One of the largest massacres in Europe in the second half of the twentieth century took place in the small city of Prijedor, in northern Bosnia. In April, 1992, as the Bosnian war was beginning, the Bosnian Serb regime announced on the radio that it was[…]

‘The Dark Ages’ Turns Bosnian War into Drama

(source: http://www.balkaninsight.com/ | Sven Milekic BIRN Zagreb) My father was killed immediately and thrown into a well. I survived because the driver of my school bus and a friend of my father recognised me. Then they deported me to a concentration camp in a school bus,” Sudbin Music recalls in his native language on stage at the National Theatre in Munich, shocking[…]


The Association for Social Research and Communications (UDIK) informs the public that on Sunday, October 25, 2015, will organize activity to mark the anniversary of the horrible crimes committed at Kazani pit where have been tortured, killed and dumped Serbs and Croats from Sarajevo. Half-hour activity will be carried out on the square fra Grga Martic in front of the Sacred[…]