Invitation – “Depth Two”

Source: hlc-kosovo

Dear all,

It‘s our honor to invite you to the premiere of the documentary film  “Depth Two” which will be held in the theater “Oda” on April 16th  2016, starting at 20:00. After the film projections there will be an organized debate with the director of the film and other panelists.

The documentary film “Depth Two” directed by Ognjen Glavonić was presented at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival which was held from February 11th to February 21st .

“Depth Two” is a documentary containing elements of a thriller, an experimental form integrating testimonies and footage of the places in which crimes were committed seventeen years ago.

The existence of a mass grave site in Batajnica, a suburb in Belgrade, was revealed in 2001. The graves at this site contained more than 700 human bodies, which were dug out from primary mass graves in Kosovo during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 and transferred by cooler trucks to secret locations in Serbia. Today, fifteen years later, despite the fact that the largest mass grave was located in the immediate vicinity of the center of Belgrade and that seventy five children were found among these bodies, there is no sign or a memorial at the location of the mass grave and almost no one in Serbia knows about this case or the story behind it. This still represents a public secret.

In an attempt to reveal, clarify and give voice to these stories, which are still buried in silence, “Depth Two” uses meditating and hypnotizing style to appeal directly to the viewer’s consciousness, imagination and emotions.

The Film was produced by the Non-Aligned Films and the Humanitarian Law Center.

Your participation is welcomed to the premiere of the film and the debate.

Entry is free!