How can arts and culture contribute to dealing with difficult pasts and to reconciliation in Europe?

Source: Memorylab

Seminar cycle for teachers, museum professionals, NGO-representatives and artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France and Germany.

30 September – 6 October 2018: First seminar in Germany; Spring 2019: Second seminar in France; Fall 2019: Third seminar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Joint Memory Lab-project organized by Max-Mannheimer-Study-Centar Dachau (Magdalena Geier), Memorial de Rivesaltes (Elodie Montes), History Museum Bosnia and Herzegovina (Elma Hasimbegovic), Jasenovac Memorial Site (Ivo Pejakovic), and Croatian History Teachers Association (Dea Maric / Helena Struga), with the support of the Franco-German Youth Office.

The Call for Applications is open until 29th June 2018. You can find the Call for Applications and the Application form here:

Call for Applications

Application form