“MemorInmotion”- pedagogical tool on the culture of remembrance/ Documentation and evaluation for 2015

In the period March- November 2015, after a series of 10 trainings for trainers- "MemorInmotion"- a pedagogical tool on the culture of remembrance, 124 teachers, professors and actors in organizations dealing with education for peace, were trained in the use of tools in their fields of activity.

This project was initiated, created and arranged by forumZFD, in close cooperation with partners – EUROCLIO-HIP BiH, Anne Frank House, YIHR, HIA, Network for Peacebuilding BiH and pax christi Aachen, teachers, historians and experts in the field of Dealing with the Past.

Project partners received about 30 written reports and feedback so far on the successfully implemented Tool with students in BiH, Germany and Serbia. As ‘pars pro toto’ of the experience gained and as sample of the impact produced in the field, EUROCLIO- HIP BiH, together with forumZFD edited an evaluation document on the trainings and implemented Tool. We are pleased to stress the following positive development which shows an overview of didactical potential of the Tool when it is used by motivated and engaged trained teachers involved in the project.

The received feedback form the participants in the training was very important for the publication of the joint evaluation and documentation of the “MemorInmotion” tool for 2015, as well as for the second edition of the tool in 2016- “MemorInmotion goes Western Balkans”.

Documentation and evaluation can be found in two versions- BHS (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) and English. Documentation and evaluation is available on our regional Dealing with the Past website, click here.

On behalf of the project partners,