Balkan.Perspectives Podcast

The Balkan Perspectives podcast is forumZFD’s audio format on Dealing with the Past and Peace Education in the Western Balkans. The podcast is produced in four languages (Albanian, BHCS, Macedonian and English) by the forumZFD offices in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia.

Beyond the Enthusiasm of Youth

As I was pondering how to start this article, I recalled how after the revolution or putsch of 5 October (depending how various people see it), when Milošević was kicked out of politics, the great reactivation of youth occurred sometime around mid-2006 with the referendum for the amendment of the Constitution of Serbia and the parliamentary elections of 2008.[…]

To include the youth in conversation about the past – the only solution to the future of peace in the region

The process of transitional justice and dealing with the past has been going on for over twenty-six years. However, it seems that credible information about the war, and about the process of reconciliation between the countries in the region is not available to young people in Serbia. The Balkan Perspectives interviewees agree that institutions bear great responsibility,[…]


The history of Bosnia and Herzegovina has many words to say about the young people living there. Those words, however, have yet to find their way to a common binder. Marked by a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-national coexistence, we are still unable to finalize the process of building peace, or at least establishing a lasting dialogue. Peace[…]