Balkan.Perspectives Podcast

The Balkan Perspectives podcast is forumZFD’s audio format on Dealing with the Past and Peace Education in the Western Balkans. The podcast is produced in four languages (Albanian, BHCS, Macedonian and English) by the forumZFD offices in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia.

Wе, during the War and beyond

When world wars happen, like the current one in Ukraine, it reminds us, the inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula, of our history and the misfortunes that every generation has had to endure for centuries. There are monuments all over the region, but there are also ruins that remind us every day of the hostilities that took place[…]

Russian Invasion in Ukraine Awakens Fear and Flashbacks in Kosovo

President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine on February 24, 2022, stunned the world. That move produced seismic shockwaves across Europe, and in particular in the Western Balkans, a region which went through the devastating consequences of war only three decades ago. People in Kosovo and in the Western Balkans understand the consequences of war, ethno-centric narratives,[…]

In the Shadow of the Ukrainian War: Flashbacks and the Future Vision in Kosovo

When Russia started its invasion of Ukraine in late February 2022, the eyes and minds of the entire world were drawn to the sudden escalation in what, for almost a decade, had been a hibernating conflict as far as the world media was concerned, and as far as the global audience was aware of. However, in wars, most of the story is recorded outside of the official documentation. It is written in invisible[…]