“Classical music eases tensions and political disagreements,” says Sihana Badiviku, a violinist. Her professional and personal life runs between Kosovo and North Macedonia. With her concerts, she breaks the Balkan borders by performing all around Europe. Since 1999, as the Founder and Artistic Director of “Kosova Kamerfest” her work has brought artists from post-conflict countries to perform[…]

Memories of Sarajevo

Already some time ago, I had the oppotrunity to stay in Sarajevo for a week as a part of the Western Balkans Youth Team and participate in Sarajevo Film Festival’s „Dealing with the Past“ programme. When I saw the opportunity to apply I was instantly drawn in – building intercultural dialogue face to face with people from[…]

”The Constitution favours the status quo”

The former German Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, has held the position of the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina since August 2021. In this capacity, he supervises the compliance with the Dayton Peace Agreement that ended the war in 1995. We asked him about his opinion on the current situation in the country. Mr Schmidt, what[…]

“History belongs to everyone, including women”

The interview was conducted by Hannah Sanders, forumZFD How does war, peace and reconstruction look like through the eyes of women? This question is at the heart of the exhibition “Peace with Women’s Face”, which is now shown in Germany for the first time. The exhibition portrays 20 women from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who[…]

Post-war generation writing

The post-war generation writing… I set foot in a mystery, in an unfamiliar place, without any information. My expectations were a little different, but I’m glad they weren’t met. We don’t always get what we crave. I didn’t, nor did the people whose names are written [in stone] all over this area. Coming here, I was only[…]

Combating Holocaust and Genocide Denial Protecting Survivors, Preserving Memory, and Promoting Prevention

Hate speech has been known to stigmatize, marginalize, enable discrimination as well as incite hate crimes and large-scale violence. Genocide and Holocaust denial is often tied to hate speech, specifically when the aim is to target individuals or groups based on specific identity factors. The most serious cases of genocide and Holocaust denial can constitute incitement to[…]

INTO THE CRACKS Walking 2500km with the Human Rights

Will you host us? Traiskirchen ⇾ Eggendorf ⇾ Rohrbach bei Mattersburg ⇾ Oberpullendorf ⇾ Rechnitz ⇾ Kohfidisch ⇾ Neustift bei Güssing ⇾ Felsőszölnök ⇾ Krašči ⇾ Spodnji Ivanjci ⇾ Ptuj ⇾ Gornji Macelj ⇾ Krapinske Toplice ⇾ Draše ⇾ Zaprešić ⇾ ZAGREB ⇾ Rugvica ⇾ Ivanić- Grad ⇾ Popovača ⇾ Kutina ⇾ Novska ⇾ Gornji Bogićevci ⇾[…]


BY DAMIR ŠAGOLJ Had Ron Haviv, by some strange miracle, with the same hat and shawl, and with his camera, been in Eastern Bosnia in 1941-43, the pages of history books would not have been so bloody empty. And what happens when pages of history books remain empty? You can find the answers in mass graves which[…]

Artik and Asti

„Девочка, танцуй, всё пройдёт так скоро“ – so many times was that song played in a single night that I already knew it by heart. By the way, the song in question is the ultimate dance hit by Artik and Asti – names that firmly held a serious position in the musical selection of every Ukrainian club[…]