Educating about transitional justice in Kosovo [policy paper]


Advocating for the inclusion of transitional justice into official high school curriculum

Policy paper of Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo


Kosovo’s youth is not currently being taught about issues of transitional justice, which translates into a worrying knowledge deficit on the importance of dealing with the past. More generally, this knowledge deficit is a striking feature of Kosovo society as a whole.
This situation has far-reaching consequences for reconciliation, societal stability and positive peace. Considering that Kosovo’s youth forms the future of the country and that young people are particularly susceptible to politicised or manipulated versions of history, it is crucial to invest in their education and to present them with fact-based knowledge on the topic.
This paper examines the challenges posed by the absence of education on transitional justice and concludes that punctual actions taken to address the issue are insufficient. It thus advocates for the inclusion of a chapter on transitional justice in high school civic education curriculum.


Educating about transitional justice in Kosovo  (PDF)