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Serbian government bans cultural festival “Mirëdita, Dobar Dan!”

The ban on the Serbian-Kosovan festival “Mirëdita, Dobar Dan!” is a serious setback for the efforts to promote dialog and mutual understanding in the region, forumZFD comments. Yesterday, just a few hours before the planned start, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia banned the festival “Mirëdita, Dobar Dan!” (Albanian and Serbian for “Good day”) in Belgrade. A written order […]

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Conflict, Peace, and Democracy: Analyzing Bosnia and Lebanon’s Experiences

Nikola Vučić Published in Association Network for Building Peace As a visiting scholar in Beirut, Lebanon, in fall 2023, I often found myself enjoying discussions with various actors on the challenges of peacebuilding in this multi-confessional country – particularly in a city that was once known as the Paris of the Middle East. However, these conversations with representatives of different […]

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Exhibition Opening PËRPARA on 24/01/2023 at 19.00

Opening of the exhibition PËRPARA on 24 January 2023 at 19.00 at Galeria 17 The exhibition is based on forumZFD – Kosovo‘s research on space, sound and memory within the framework of the Landscapes of Repair project and is been realized in cooperation with Shtatëmbëdhjetë PËRPARA 24/01 – 24/03/2023 There is an interesting ambiguity in Albanian culture which affects the way in which the physical and temporal […]

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Filjana Koka: Emotions Remain in the Conflict Field, We Follow the Profession’s Call for Ethical and Professional Reporting

Journalists bear a huge social responsibility. In addition to reporting, they also contribute to “establishing the permanent peace.” Therefore, whatever they feel in the area of the conflict, they should “leave it” aside, and refer exclusively to the call of the profession for ethical and professional reporting, both during the conflict and after it ends. This is especially important if […]

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