Remembering the past on Social Media

AUTHOR: VLADAN ĐUKANOVIĆ Photo credits: Vladan Đukanović We often treat social media as something new and even unknown, despite it having been part of our lives for over a decade. Ever since it made its explosive debut in the Balkans, it has been a space for discussions around dealing with the past and reproducing existing content in […]

Dealing with the past in the times of Social Media

AUTHOR: SRĐAN PUHALO Photo credits: Zlatko Popović “Dealing with the past relates to processes of confronting a violent past, meaning violence towards against all victims regardless of their ethnic, political or other affiliation. Dealing with the past occurs in any particular society on different levels: personal confrontation, i.e. the processing of memories and questioning of one’s own[…]

Facing your Painful Past every day: The difficulties of Dealing with the Past in the Digital Age

AUTHOR: BESNIKE SALIHU Photo credits: Besnike Salihu The digital era has introduced us to online media and social networking platforms, which have made it easier to obtain multiple formats of information in real time, fostered greater connection, brought people closer, and created alternative ways to network and communicate. Whilst these are positive changes, at some level the[…]

The Trials are Ending – Now What?

Photo credits: Jovana Prusina When we speak about transitional justice, we are also speaking about criminal justice, victims and witnesses, missing and internally displaced persons and their families, mass graves and the right to truth, reparations, lustrations and more. War seeps into all crevices of society, and consequently the processes of transitional justice do too. The broader[…]

Inside the Trap of Fake News

AUTHOR: FITIM GASHI Photo credits:  Fitim Gashi Trigger Warning: This article contains graphic language depicting sexual violence against women that took place during the war in Kosovo. A member of the parliament caused a scandal with a photograph on the day the Assembly of Kosovo adopted the Resolution on Serbia’s genocide in Kosovo. In May of last year,[…]

Role of Social Media in the Affirmation of Revisionism, Re-writing the Past and the Culture of Forgetting

AUTHOR: BELMA BULJUBAŠIĆ Photo credits: Vladan Cvetković Social media is a powerful tool of the 21st century. Although its positive aspects are immense, it is often abused and used for propaganda and manipulation. A large amount of lies, disinformation and insinuation reach great numbers of people through social media networks. This is especially true of Twitter and[…]

Close but Unknown

AUTHOR: FAHRI HISENI Photo credits: Fahri Hiseni It is difficult to comment on interethnic relations in any society and doing so from a Balkan perspective is no exception. One reason for this is the complex historical context within which the countries of this peninsula exist. In each of the Balkan societies today, there is a great appetite[…]