27th April @ 20:00 for 2 minutes (Kosovo-wide event)

An informal coalition of NGOs consisting of Kosovo Missing Persons Resource Centre, Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo, Integra, Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo and forumZFD Kosovo, are organizing an action to mark the National Day of Missing Persons from the last war in Kosovo.

On 27 April 2020, at 20:00, the organizers invite all citizens of Kosovo to turn off the lights in their homes for 2 minutes. By experiencing two minutes of darkness in our homes, we may empathize with the pain and darkness in which the relatives of 1,644 missing people from the war in Kosovo have been living for 20 years now.
For 20 years, family members have been searching and hoping for the clarification of the fate of their loved ones.

For 20 years, they have been anxiously awaiting the truth, whilst also seeking justice for the crimes committed against their family members.

For 20 years, family members and Kosovo society have been facing institutional negligence in clarifying the issue of missing persons.

Therefore, on this day, like every other day, we will not forget them. We will continue to look for and remember our missing persons, because they are part of us.
We will continue to demand from the Government of Kosovo to uphold the legal and moral responsibility it has to resolve the issue of missing persons, while to the Kosovar society we will demand the collective responsibility it has to never forget.

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