EU’s Transitional Justice Framework Faces Denial of the Past in Former Yugoslavia

Interview by Serbeze Haxhiaj The European Commission Progress Report for Kosovo 2021 suggested that the country develops an “overarching strategy” for transitional justice, including a comprehensive approach to addressing its past. The EU executive branch also reminded Belgrade authorities to show a “genuine commitment” to investigating and adjudicating war crimes cases. Aidan Hehir, a Reader in International […]

European Union Enlargement Policies and Transitional Justice in Kosovo

Anton Vukpalaj Professor Assistant of Political Science University of Prishtina The European Union’s enlargement policy towards the Western Balkans inserted very early on the reconciliation between former enemies as a condition for the country candidates to enter the Union. At the Zagreb Summit in 2000, reconciliation was emphasized together with democracy consolidation and regional cooperation. In the[…]

The Prespa Agreement – three years later

More than three years have passed since the signing of the Prespa Agreement, which ended the 25-year long dispute between Greece and North Macedonia that had disrupted the bilateral relations between neighbours for decades. Macedonia officially became the Republic of North Macedonia, and Greece lifted the blockade of Macedonia’s NATO membership, ratified the protocol, and as a[…]

Specialist Court, victims’ last hope for justice

The spring of 1998 was terrible for I.B.’s family from Kosovo. 23 years from the disappearance of the family head, the hope of family members for justice is disappearing little by little every day. Nevertheless, they do have a ray of hope in the Specialist Court. Besian Beha I.N. has just registered in the program of Victims’[…]

New Publication: “Holocaust & Peace”

Our partners of the regional project Alliances for Peace Education, namely EIHR, PCRC and forumZFD BiH are honored to present the publication of the pedagogical Manual ” Holocaust & Peace”- Lessons from the past for the future: a practical guide for educators. The Manual developed by fifteen authors includes 11 Lesson plans/workshops divided in 4 Modules teaching about and[…]

A Norman in Sarajevo

Autor: Klajdi Ballanca, objavljeno na A brief summary of my experience as a participant of SFF’s In Youth Eyes Project Where to start????? I find myself in a strange place, on one hand, I have paragraph after paragraph that begs to be written, and on the other, I feel that all words, in all languages would[…]

On the Bulgarian Claims on the Macedonian Ethnic Identity and Language

Dr. Ognen Vangelov Assistant Professor UACS, Skopje, N. Macedonia This text is a brief overview of Bulgaria’s claims on the Macedonian ethno-linguistic identity (i.e., the origin of the Macedonian people and language). The conflict over the ethno-linguistic identity of the Macedonian people living in the wider Macedonia region (in today’s North Macedonia, and parts of Bulgaria and[…]